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new this morning, wild video. an suv plunges into the potomac when a driver goes flying off a local bridge. the overnight work to fix the big hole left behind. good morning and welcome to "news4 today." i'm eun yang. i'm aaron gilchrist. a chilly you morning but as the sun comes up, will warm us up to a pretty nice day. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein here with your forecast. tom sm. >> it is cold. we're below freezing in the region. just at 6:00, reagan national at 30 degrees. in montgomery county, arlington, fairfax, prince george's, most locations are in the upper 20s. it's dipped into the low and mid-20s the rest of virginia. including parts of prince william, fauquier, stafford, spotsylvania, culpeper. just the low 20s there. meanwhile, much of southern maryland in the upper 20s, near 30 degrees. temperatures a little above freezing. here's the rest of the morning. by 7:00 a.m., ought to be in the upper 20s. by 8:00, a little above freezing. by noontime, we ought to be,
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though, into the mid-40s. sunrise at 6:46. sunset at 5:57ment hometown forecast, vienna, fairfax county, in the low 40s with bright sun by noontime. a look at traffic now with danella. >> good morning. checking the situation on metro. if you're taking the red line, expect delays because of an earlier track problem at friendship heights. still delays in both directions. the roadways, i-66 had morning and take a live look at 66 at route 50 where we'll find chopper 4 live on the scene. traveling 66 this time eastbound, picking up a little bit of volume here. but no major delays just yet. westbound, though, just off to the right shoulder lanes, can see police activity. very light volume, no issues at all as far as delays. fairfax county parkway to the capitol beltway. inside beltway on 66 as well, very light volume. still, picking up steam as you head eastbound to gw parkway. no major delays just yet.
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back in ten minutes. eun, over to you. >> 6:02 now. breaking news in syria. the syrian rebels will not talk to the syrian government until bashar al assad steps down and the security chiefs are put on trial. the foreign minister told russian diplomat they're ready to meet with the rebels. it will not come through bloodshed but through dialog. nearly 70,000 people died in the ongoing violence in the last two years. >> it is back to work today for members of congress and they have a lot on their plate after a one-week recess. they have four days to reach a deal with the white house to avoid sequestration. billions of dollars in spending cuts will take effect if no agreement is in place by friday. this should give you a sense of how serious this situation is. we're talking about $85 billion in cuts right now. the deadline to avoid them is, of course, march 1st. civilian defense department employees looking at about a 20% pay cut and about 150,000
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workers in our rei don't know could be forced to talk a one day a week furlough for several weeks. >> if you're flying out of town, you want to pay close attention to a news conference this morning. a number of lawmakers will be at -- the impact the sequestration will have on air travel. ray lahood warned over the weekend that the faa may have to furlough air traffic controllers. that could lead to long delays for travelers. president obama is hoping governors can help them get a deal done. he's meeting with state leaders from both parties at the white house. they're in town fort governor's association meeting. the president didn't mention the ongoing battle during a dinner last night but told them we have more work to to. >> he will talk about it today. the two governors teaming up to urge congress to do whatever takes to avoid sequestration. democratic maryland governor martin o'malley and republican virginia governor bob mcdonnell both agree that the looming
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budget cuts could be devastating for their states. >> this sequester stands to wipe out a lot of hard fought job gains had virginia and maryland. for whatever our differences might be, we understand that this is an economic -- >> we got to get the job done. >> 18 months the sequester was put in place to be a hammer, not a policy. we're just a week away from getting it done. >> the white house just released a state by state breakdown of potential cuts. the d.c. area will likely be particularly hard hit by sequestration. news 4 will have you covered on every development in the sequestration showdown. to keep you up to speed when you can't watch on air. >> prince george's are hours away from who they believed gunned down a teenager. 18 year 'ol marquel ross was waubing to school at central high school in capitol heights when he was shot and killed. ross was the first of seven students to be shot and killed in prince george's county this
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year alone. three happened in just the past week. we're expected to hear about who police believe murdered a 71-year-old woman earlier this month. prince george's county police will announce the arrest in the death of geraldine mcintire. she later died. 6:05 now. new this morning, a smooth commute for drivers on the memorial bridge. just a few hours after an suv crashed through a barrier and splashed into the potomac river. police say the driver was able to swim to safety and was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. there was no one else in that suv. there wasn't was structural damage to the bridge but it is not expected to affect traffic. police are trying to figure out what caused the accident. fauquier county police looking for a person of interest in the killing of an elderly couple. nelson and ethel slack were found did he dead in plains, virginia. look at this man.
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john wesley jeffries of fed rix burglary. police want to talk to him about the slacks' death. they won't offer many details about the case but we can tell you that jeffries is wanted on several charges in spotsylvania county. >> today, bp goes to court over that oil spill disaster in the gulf of mexico. the company could have to pay the largest environmental fine ever. a civil trial begins today in the new orleans federal courtroom to determine bp's civil liability in the 2010 spill. the trial will look at the causes of the explosion that killed 11 workers on the deep water horizon rig and caused more than several millions of dollars, rather millions of barrels of oil to pollute the water. they've agreed to a settlement to -- >> pope benedict xvi facing a scandal during his final days. why experts say it could o impact the process to choose his successor. >> a nice warm wrup in the week ahead.
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ken jeong: it's not just what's on the outside yvette nicole brown: it's what's inside that really counts alison sweeney: so get to know the people around you ann curry: you'll see all they have to offer al roker: the more you know
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albert haynesworth will be back in d.c. where a judge will determine if he's met the conditions to have charges against him from a few years ago dismissed. a waitress at the w hotel accused him of sexually abusing her. the judge agreed to drop the charge if he completed community service, didn't get arrested for the next 18 months and stayed away from the waitress. coming up on 6:11, a live look outside. forget the clouds, look at that sunshine coming above the horizon. it's cold right now. but -- >> it's encouraging to see that, though. >> tom, what are we going to get? >> a lot of sunshine today. off to a clear start. that's a gorgeous live view from the city camera. look at the turquoise waters of the potomac. as we approach 6:11.
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it's near 30. upper 20s, also upper 20s in montgomery county. parts of arlington, fairfax, as is much of northern virginia and into the mountains. here's how we look for the day today. hour by hour, a rapid warmup by noon. mid-40s. by mid-afternoon near 50 degrees. bright sun a light wind. clouding up after midnight. seven-day outlook in ten minutes. a look at traffic with danella. >> metro, good news. red line delay is gone and back on schedule. let's head over to the marc train. two delays, brunswick east 872. ten-minute delay. six-minute delay on penn train -- back to you. thanks, danella. the first lady will issue a challenge to help our troops. an update from the live desk after this. were oscar
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hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. wants military members to get credentials for the skills they've got while serving. this would allow veterans to apply for jobs more quickly instead of retaking courses to qualify. mrs. obama will propose this to the state leaders who are in town for the annual governor's
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meeting. at the live desk, angie goff. 15 after the hour. oscar pistorius expected to check in at a police station. this is part of his bail deal in connection with the murder charge against him concerning his girlfriend. it's the first time we expect to see pistorius since he was released on bail on friday. he has to sign in with police twice a week. he's charged with murdering his girlfriend. he denies those charges saying it was an accident. he thought she was an intruder. a 5.7 magnitude earthquake struck central japan followed by two smaller tremors. the quake shook buildings about 100 miles away in tokyo but they didn't trigger a tsunami warning. no reports of damages or injuries. nuclear plants in the area also checked out okay. right now, john kerry is overseas for his first trip as secretary of state. kerry is in london kicking off an 11-day, nine-country trip. he met with david cameron, british prime minister.
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later this afternoon, he will travel to swrerm any. part of his trip is the friends of syria conference in rome where he will discuss the ongoing civil war this syria. some members of the opposition, though, are threatening to boycott that meeting. another confirmation battle could be looming, this time for john brennan as cia director. john mccain says he's not ruling out putting a hold on brennan's confirmation. he wants more answers about last year's deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi libya. the arizona senator put a hold on chuck hagel's confirmation process for secretary of defense. but a vote on the former nebraska senator is expected tomorrow. >> u.s. military leaders are denying accusations of soldier brutality from hamid karzai. karzai ordered all u.s. special operation forces out of the wardak province. a stronghold in central afghanistan. u.s. forces were involved in the kidnapping, torture and murder of afghan civilians and suspects. this comes on the heels of car
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guy his forces from calling in nato air strikes in areas. saying there's been too many civilian deaths. breaking news out of vatican city. angie goff at the live desk. we've confirmed aaron, that cardinal keith o'brien has stepped down as archbishop. he's the most senior roman catholic cleric. this follows allegations that he denies of inappropriate behavior that dates back to the 1980s. inappropriate behavior towards other priests. >> the vatican is expected to -- at the live desk, angie goff. the archbishop of wash ton, cardinal worrell is in rome to say goodbye to the pope. before leaving, he celebrated a mass for the pope at the basilica of the national shrine in northeast d.c. he will be one of the cardinals to select the next pope. the man who shot president
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reagan nearly three decades ago, will be in court today. whether he should be allowed for unsupervise visits with his mother. he was found not guilty by reason of insanity. the hospital believes he should eventually be allowed to live full-time in williamsburg. saturday afternoon a chain reaction crash just a day before the daytona 500 had sent kyle larson and his car through a fence shooting debris into the stands. almost 30 spectators had to be treated for injuries. crews had to work through the night to clean up the debris and repair the racetrack in time for yesterday's big race. >> for the second time, the daytona 500 goes to jimmie johnson, five-time champion. >> that big crash didn't stop fans from showing up yesterday. you see number 48, jimmie johnson wins his second daytona 500. his first win was in 2006. danica patrick, on the pole
6:19 am
position last week became the first woman to lead a lap in a nascar race. however, she was not the first to cross the finish line, obviously. she came in 8th place. >> it was a sol day for the go daddy car and crew. we did a good job in the pits. stayed in the top ten basically. can't complain about that. dale earnhardt jr. came in second. not bad considering he started 19th. right now the snowplows are out in full force across the midwest. people in colorado, missouri and parts of texas are dealing with a massive blizzard. it is the second snowstorm to hit that part of the country in the last two weeks. at least 15 inches of snow are expected in some areas. all the sun we got yesterday, you almost feel guilty being able to enjoy a day like this. >> not so much. better them than us, right? >> yeah. we've not had much snow at all this winter. only an 1.5 inches at reagan national. there's the airport under a
6:20 am
clear sky. the turquoise and tangerine sky this morning. the waters of the potomac reflecting that. reagan national at 31 with a light northerly breeze. by 8:00 a.m., should be a little above freeze and then by noontime, the mid-40s. by mid-afternoon, throughout the region, we ought to be in the upper 40s to near 50 degrees. here is the winter storm watch area. yes, as we have moisture moving into the mountains tonight into tomorrow, could be snow, sleet, changing to icing. mainly an icing event for alleghany county and western maryland. much of northern west virginia, perhaps up to a quarter of an inch of isolate tonight into tuesday. bright and sunny, cloudy tomorrow morning. then rain here locally in the region. tomorrow afternoon and evening ending around dawn on wednesday with some sun back on wednesday. highs reaching upper 50s and near 50 thursday, maybe a few sprinkles. partly sunny friday, saturday, sunday. highs 40s. morning lows at or pea low freezing.
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i'm back in ten minutes. now a look at traffic with danella. let's start with the district. national governors association conference closing e street until 9:00 p.m. the closure between 13 and 14th streets. what you have do is use constitution avenue to work around. let's head to the beltway president inner loop at richie marlboro road. i'll take you there live. an accident on the left shoulder lane. traffic getting by. unaffected by the accident there. a live look at chopper 4. along i-95 in virginia at fairfax county parkway. making your way northbound, a nice clear commute for you. even the hov lanes, travel speed, a good drive time. 34 minutes from quantico to the beltway. not bad. that will had slow down as the morning continues. i'm back in ten minutes. aaron and eun, over to you. the oscar winners who gave a shoutout to rg3. >> and an inauguration
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♪ sound familiar. he performed last month at the d.c. inauguration. it wasn't quite like that. singing sensation psy took part in south korea's inauguration. they elected the first female president. tens of thousands of people filled the streets of seoul to witness the day. one local scientist is moving forward to make sure nothing like that happens again. researchers are getting ready for a decade long $350 million project looking for ways to shift an asteroid's path approximate comes close to earth. according to the "washington post," the idea is to pro tell a rocket into the asteroid pushing it further away from earth. it is supported by nasa and the european space agency.
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>> ahead the surprise oscars appearance by the first lady of the. we have a tie. >> plus, who says there can be only one winner. for the first time in decades, which category finished in a tie? >> the sequester impact coming into focus from the blue line to the blue angels. the cutbacks you need to know about. our next chance for rain,
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we are in the final days of the sequester showdown. the $85 billion game of chicken playing out in washington. the sweeping cuts known as a sequester are days away. the kickoff on friday and that means republicans and the president have less than four days to get a deal done. this morning, a closer look at what it means around here. >> and the oscar goes to --
6:30 am
argo. >> and the best of the best this morning. the parties are probably still going on in hollywood. the biggest oscar stunner for you and which oscar winner flashed these on the red carpet, a tribute to redskins quarterback rg3. right now, it is cold out there. it feels like the final days of february, though. meteorologist tom kierein is on the storm team 4 weather deck. tom, good morning to you. >> good morning. these aren't typical temperatures for late february. we've got a gorgeous turquoise sky here. it's clear. that frightful moon has set in the western sky. temperatures close to the washington, in montgomery county, only mid and upper 20s. near 30 in prince george's county, the district, arlington and fairfax. the rest of northern virginia, though a few locations in the -- fauquier, culpeper. the low 20s there. the rest of the region, generally mid and upper 20s to
6:31 am
near 30 degrees. there is a winter storm watch out of the mountains. those counties in light blue, western maryland, highlands of west virginia could get some snow, sleet, mostly icing, looks like mostly an ice storm late tonight into tuesday afternoon. could get over a quarter of an inch of ice on tree limbs and power lines out there late tonight and into tomorrow. not here. we'll have lots of sunshine through the day by 8:00 a.m. a little above freezing by 9:00. upper 30s by 10:00. mid-40s by noontime with light breezes. during the middle of the day, lanham, our hometown forecast ought to be in the low to mid-40s by noontime with bright sun. a look at the rest of the day into tonight in ten minutes. danella with a look at traffic. good morning. >> good morning. first 4 traffic office checking on delays in our area. here's another look from chopper 4 above i-95 in virginia around route 1. that's when it starts to hit the brakes. these drivers are a bit sluggish in the area. still checking the drive time.
6:32 am
minutes to get from quantico to the beltway. for now, stop and go. just expect dee hayes in woodbridge. after to the left shoulder lane, you're going to see at richie marlboro road, still accident in the left shoulder lane. travel lanes open and continuing on the inner loop of the beltway as you head towards the wilson bridge in both directions. you're seeing your volume increase. no major delays yet. eun, over to you. >> danella, thank you. >> sequestration -- face billions of dollars in automatic spending cut. let's go to news 4's megan mcgrath live on capitol hill to break down what the sequestration means for the local economy. megan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, eun. the hope is that lawmakers will sit down and hammer out some kind of a deal. time is running out. while there's been a lot of finger pointing, there really hasn't been real progress. it looks like those across the board cuts may actually kick in
6:33 am
on friday. now, the white house on sunday released state by state figuresment a breakdown of what these cuts would mean and the numbers for our area don't look good. it i cannily ha lparticularly h the defense and edge kag. >> 13,000 defense workers could be furloughed. in maryland, $14.4 million would be cut to education. that would put 200 teacher aides -- teacher and aide jobs at risk. we could possibly see the end of the popular blue angels air shows. in virginia, 90,000 defense workers would face furloughs and could see a $14 million cut to education with 200 teachers and aide jobs at risk in virginia. the governors of maryland and virginia, of course, very concerned about these cuts and the impact on their states.
6:34 am
now, as you mentioned, eun, lawmakers back on capitol hill here but a lot of folks not too optimistic. there are no scheduled meetings between key lawmakers and so it's a waiting game. again, time is running out. reporting live on capitol hill, megan mcgrath, news 4. back to you. >> the sequestration could devastate the bottom line there. it's not just spending cuts the transit agency is worried about. we'll tell you the other threat facing metro later this hour. didn't surprise me, but argo did surprise a lot of people by winning best picture. many people are talking about who presented that award, too. >> the oscar goes to -- "argo." >> first lady michelle obama made a surprise appearance at the oscars, sort of. she was at the white house. she announced the best picture. ben affleck said he learned
6:35 am
valuable lessons on his road back to the oscars. >> i never thought that i would be back here. because of so many of you who are here tonight, because of this academy, because of so many wonderful people who extended themselves to me when they had nothing to benefit from it. it doesn't matter how you get knocked down had life. that's going to happen. all that matters is that you got to get up. >> this is affleck's second oscar. he won 16 years ago for best original screen play along with matt damon for goodwill hunting. the oscars featured a major upset. ang lee beat out steven spielberg for best director. he directed life of pi. there's history to the awards. daniel day-lewis became the first three-time oscar winner. jennifer lawrence became the second youngest best actress winner. she took home the statue for her role in silver linings. jennifer lawrence had an embarrassing moment as she went to accept her oscar.
6:36 am
she tripped up the steps as she was going to accept the award. after making it on the stage, though, she told the crowd the only reason they're giving her a standing ovation is because they felt bad for her. i doubt this. >> she deserved it that award for that movie. absolutely. the people were saying on twitter, how many have fallen and who has an oscar? >> and wearing that gorgeous gown and all that good stuff. which oscar winner gave a special shoutout to rg3? a big chunk of a bridge is missing after a driver went airborne overnight. why the transit agency could get hit with a double whammy if the cuts go through. a chilly morning. but the sun is on the way up. it's going to
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to my family for all the sacrifices they made. to my children, thank you for
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inspiring me every day. just can't get it all in fast enough. a unique kind of wrap-up music. oscar winners heard that distinctive and terrifying jaws theme if they wouldn't stop talking. the music selection is getting positive reviews. piers morgan calling it the greatest addition to award ceremonies ever. >> it lessens the blow when you hear that music. trying to wrap you up. they're telling us o move on i guess. >> time for weather. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein. >> good morning. plane taking off there reagan national airport into a clear sky this morning. up, up and away. no, come back, it's going to be a great day. there is a beautiful blue sky over washington. now, a live view from the nbc4 hd city camera. it's cold. we're off it a cold start near 30 in washington. prince george's county -- near the bay waters, near freezing. elsewhere, montgomery county mid-20s. it's in the low to mid-20s
6:41 am
arlington, fairfax and the rest of northern virginia. shenandoah valley and into west virginia. hour by hour through the day today, a rapid warming by noontime, mid-40s. by mid-afternoon, near 50 degrees. and by then in the evening hours with some clouds increasing. we'll drop back down to the upper 30s by midnight. and then some rain moves in tomorrow. the latest on that. mayb even some wintry mix weather parts of the region as well tomorrow. i'll show you that the rest of the week. seven-day outlook in ten minutes. a look at traffic with danella now. >> east capitol street. benning road -- closures at benning road. you can take benning road to work around the water main break. heads up if you're planning to take central avenue into the district and getting on east capitol street. at benny road, that intersection is blocked. i-270 southbound, your delays this morning, right now in the germantown area. around father hurley boulevard. slow as you pass shady grove
6:42 am
road. the trip this rockville, in connection to the beltway on i-270 north and southbound is clear at this time. over to the 14th street bridge. just a bit sluggish into the district. drive time though, 13 minutes is not bad from the beltway. taking 13 minutes to get to the 14th street bridge. aaron and eun, over to you. >> thanks, danella. sniefrnlt no problems expected for drivers on memorial bridge after an suv broke through a barrier and fell into the potomac river. you see it right there. officers say the driver was able to swim to safety. there wasn't anyone else in that suv. now, there was structural damage to the bridge. but it is not expected to affect traffic. police say they're trying to figure out what caused that accident. >> prince george's county police made an a rs in the death of a prince george's county teen gunned down an the way to school. marquel ross was walking to school at central high in capitol heights when he was shot and killed. ross was the first of seven students to be shot and killed this school year alone in prince
6:43 am
george's county. three happened in just the past week. also today, prince george's county police will announce who is behind the murder of a 71-year-old woman. geraldine mcintire was found in her home on february 9th with trauma to her upper body. she later died. 6:43 right now. congress is back in washington morning. lawmakers are facing one of the most important weeks of this term. they have to reach an agreement on a plan to avert sequestration by friday or face billions of dollars in spending cuts. the white house outlining the impact the sequestration cuts could have on our area and that impact is severe. cuts to education funding would put nearly 400 teachers and teachers' aides jobs on the line. that would affect about 27,000 students in our area. about 2,000 children in need would also lose access to early childhood education. today we'll hear from several members of congress about the effects the sequestration will have on air travelers. there will be a conference at reagan national.
6:44 am
ray lahood says the faa may have to furlough air traffic controllers. that can mean long flight delays. the faa is looking at about $600 million in possible cut. the sequestration could cost metro millions of dollars as well. the transit agency tells news 4 that federal employees make up about 40% of rush hour ridership they're forced to take a one day a week furlough. metro's revenue could plummet. federal funding for metro's capital improvement program would be slashed. the money is used for safety improvements and modernization. president obama is hoping governors help him get a deal done. he's meeting with state leaders from both parties today at the white house. hear in washington for the annual meeting. the president did not mention the ongoing budget battle during a dinner last night with most of the governors but he did tell them we've got more woork work to do. martin o'malley and virginia's republican governor bob mcdonnell agree that the
6:45 am
sequestration could be crippling to their state's economies. both men made their case yesterday on face the nation yesterday. >> this sequester stands to wipe out hard-fought job gains in virginia and maryland. whatever our differences might be, we understand this is an economic threat. >> we got to get the job done. it's been 18 months, the sequester was put in place to be a hammer, not a policy. here we are a week away from getting done. >> president obama will travel to mu port news, virginia tomorrow to highlight the impact sequestration cuts will have on the defense industry. >> news 4 will have you covered for every development in the sequestration showdown. we'll be posting updates at nbc washingt to keep you up to speed when you can't watch on air. the u.s. supreme court will hear arguments tied to a common police practice in maryland. justices will hear arguments on whether police should be able to take dna from anyone arrested but not convicted of a crime. the baltimore public defender's
6:46 am
office says it breaches rights -- suspects in crimes not entitled to those rights is the argument. d.c. council holds a rare vote. they'll vote to reprimand jim graham over ethics violations. the councilman won't fight the vote to reprimand him. two separate investigations found he improperly tried to barter contracts for the district and the metro system in 2008. graham denies wrongdoing and faces no sill or criminal charges. fauquier county deputies are looking for a person of interest in the killing of an elderly couple. they were found dead in their home yesterday in plains, virginia. john wesley jeffries of fredericksburg and police want to talk to him about the slacks' deaths. they won't offer many details about the case but we can tell you jeffries is already wanted on several charges in spotsylvania county. this morning, police are trying to figure out who killed a 20-year-old man in prince george's county. police found 20-year-old david
6:47 am
avilar suffering from a gunshot wound in college park. he died at the hospital. he attended a hotel party when a fight broke out between two groups in the parking lot. they say this appears to be gang-related. if you have any information, call prince george's county police. >> new information on the conflict in syria this morning. rebels will not negotiate with the syrian government until bashar al assad steps down and at security chiefs are put on trial. the response is after the syrian foreign minister told russian diplomats they're ready to meet with rebels. they're meeting in moscow to broker a peace deal nearly 70,000 people have died in the ongoing violence in the last two years. john kerry is in london for the first overseas trip as secretary of state. he met with david cameron a short time ago. it's part of a 11-day, 9-country trip. he'll discuss the ongoing civil war. 13 before the hour.
6:48 am
bp could get hit with a historic fine. bertha coombs live with the story. good morning. >> good morning. we'll see if that trial gets off. it would be the first of two trials over the 2010 gulf oil spill. getting under way today in new orleans. the company potentially faces billions of dollars in civil fines. several courts say the justice department and gulf states are crafting a settlement in which bp would pay $16 billion covering fines under the clean water act. bp agreed to pay $30 billion had fines, settlements and cleanup costs. meantime, master card is taking aim at plastic with a new digital payment form called master pass. card holders will store their information on a single software program letting them pay for items at any store that signs up for the service. what's different is that consumers can also load data for credit and debit cards from
6:49 am
competing brands like visa, american express and others. of course, guys, then you've got to make sure you don't lose your phone. >> thank you, bertha coombs. we appreciate it. breaking news right now. british cardinal keith o'brien resigned this morning in the wake of misconduct allegations. three priests and a former priest accused the cardinal of inappropriate behavior going back to the 1980s. cardinal o'brien did not mention any of the allegations had his resignation. he says he will skip the conclave that will select pope benedict xvi's successor. the pope will step down on thursday. we're learning that first lady michelle obama will urge the nation's governors to help service members land civilian jobs of the she'll announce the proposal today at the white house where governors will be gathered. the irs lady will push for states to allow veterans to receive professional credentials or licenses based on their experience in the military. if you are preparing to step
6:50 am
outside this morning, look at all that sun glowing behind us in the background here. tom kierein with us this morning. that's what it's going to look like today, right? >> even though it's cold, there's a feeling of spring in the air. because of the sun angle, getting higher and higher. on the upswing into spring over the next several days. warmer weather moving in. but it's cold now. there's the view from space. we have a few clouds south of washington. south of fredericksburg and way west from the shenandoah valley into the mountains. there's a few areas there. clear and down near 30 degrees in the district. the suburbs in prince george's county. mid-20s now montgomery county. arlington and fairfax. a few locations there. parts of northern virginia and into the shenandoah valley. low to mid-20s as well as into virginia. northern neck, eastern shore, most of the locations near the freezing mark. it's very dry. keep the skin lotion handy. we're getting these earlier and earlier sunrises.
6:51 am
that is a live view from the city camera. reagan national 31 degrees. by 8:00 a.m. around 33, 34, by noontime in the mid-40s, most of the region during the afternoon, lots of sunshine. highs reaching near 50 degrees for a brief time. but late tonight and into tomorrow, all these areas in blue, western maryland, the highlands of west sa va'a, west of the shenandoah valley. could get a combination of some snow and sleet developing late tonight into tuesday. icing could get a quarter of an inch of ice on tree limbs. four-day forecast. after today, we'll cloud up. cloudy morning tomorrow. no problems with morning commute, i don't think, as far as weather goes. in the mountains, could be accumulating snow and sleet. rain the rest of the region during the afternoon and the evening on tuesday. highs tomorrow the mid-40s. on wednesday morning, maybe patchy fog and lingering rain ending quickly near 40. sun back, upper 50s on wednesday afternoon. then on thursday, cloudy, might
6:52 am
get a few scattered rain sprinkles and friday, saturday, sunday, partly sunny each day. generally at or below freezing each morning. afternoon ice in the 40s friday, saturday and sunday. now a look at traffic with danella. good morning. >> good morning. still checking on the water main break in the district. it's along east capitol street at benning road. that intersection is blocked. heads up if you're taking central avenue into the district today at east capitol street. you'll have to turn off ton benning road. i-66 accident there, this is eastbound at sudley road. we'll take a live look. the good news as we zoom in is that had the accident not only is in the shoulder lane but not affecting traffic. as far as delays go, you are slow from sudley road heading eastbound to centreville road. then a little bit of a break. here's a look at fairfax county parkway. drive time, 15 minutes. that's what it will take you to get to the capitol beltway. aaron, over to you. >> thank you, danella. this morning, two northern virginia lawmakers pushing for part of the state's just passed transportation bill to be tossed
6:53 am
out. senator adam evan much alexandria and delegate scott sur develop of fairfax county launched an online petition against an ex fra fee for owners of hybrid and alternative fuel vehicles. drivers trying to be environmentally friendly should not be punished with a tax. governor mcdonnell says the commonwealth is in need of new ways to earn revenue but he says he will review it. if you filled up your gas tank lately, you probably felt the pain in your pocket. gas prices up 46 cents in the past month. a combinations of factors keep driving up the prices, including refineries shut down for seasonal maintenance. they're making the switch over to a summer blend of gas earlier than usual. there's also the unrest in the middle east causing a fear factor. right now, aaa reports the average for regular is 4:02 in the district. in maryland, $3.79 a gallon. in virginia, $3.70 a gallon. in west virginia, it's $3.86. general motors is ready to
6:54 am
start producing the cars of the future. it will start wiring the 2014 models sold in the u.s. and canada with 4g mobile technology. car buyers will have the option of a standard internet package or to connect via wi-fi. g gm says it will reach -- it wasn't all glamour and grace at the o cars. this picture was snatched before the show started as a pipe burst in the women's bathroom. that flooded the area. luckily, crews mopped up the mess. they were back in business by the time the show began. robert griffin, iii might not have gone to the oscars. these socks look familiar to you? the burgundy and yellow sox. belong to shawn fine. he won an oscar. fine on the left has history with the redskins.
6:55 am
he's a washington native and a long time photographer for the redskins is his grandfather. lucky for everybody he won. rg3 retweeted that picture too. i think he was pleased and honored. i would say. i have to get some socks. plenty of history at the oscars. daniel day-lewis, the first three-time winner for oscar. jennifer lawrence, the second young he's best actress winner. two films shared an award. the oscar goes to -- we have a tie. drama of the there was a tie in the best sound editing category between sky fall and zero dark thirty. ted was there too. only the sixth time oscar history. if a nominee is flee or fewer votes, the academy awards two oscars if it's a tie. jennifer lawrence has a great attitude about this whole thing.
6:56 am
this is a charming, talented woman. i was talking to her backstage. she told me, whether she wins or loses, it's just an honor that meryl streep wasn't nominated. oscar host seth mac far lane getting mixed reviews. despite concerns that he would be too crude, he was relatively tame. however, he did take somewhat controversial jabs at mel gibson and chris brown during his monologue which prompted some backlash on social media websites. >> check out awe the musical numbers. let's check in at the live desk with breaking news. angie goff is there. angie? >> i'm angie goff with the live desk with breaking news out of vatican city. we're hearing that the pope changes the conclave rules. they're saying that the cardinals can now move up the date of electing the next pope if all of the cardinals are in fact in rome. we know that archbishop daniel
6:57 am
worrell headed to rome this weekend. they're already arriving, the pope is going to step down in three days. at the live desk, angie goff, news 4. >>le out-the-door forecast. tom? >> sun is up. clear sky, cold. a brisk late winter day. later into the upper 40s, near 50. could get rain tomorrow afternoon and evening. back to you. thank you, tom. that is "news4 today." thank you for starting your day with us. the "today" show is next. we'll be back in 25 minute with weather and traffic, breaking news. back here tomorrow morning at 4:28. hope you join us then. until then, have a great day. make it a great mond
6:58 am
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